Saturday, 17 March 2012

MP fails to save Panasonic jobs.

From the useless MP's site:
Sickening news of loss of 160 jobs at Panasonic Newport.
Even less acceptable is that the jobs are being exported to Vietnam. I have visited the plant in the recent past and it is disappointing that the firm failed to give advanced notice of the job losses to local MPs. There have been good relationships over a long period between the company and the city. They told me of their gratitude to the workforce in a crisis some years ago. The staff cooperated with some unpalatable cuts for the benefit of the company. They showed loyalty to Panasonic. It is a shame that they do not recognise that loyalty is a two-way process.
I am seeking talks with them.

So if the MP can't save jobs, might I ask quite use the MP is?

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