Monday, 13 February 2012

Paul Flynn like his Jew hating master Saunders Lewis

Liar MP Paul Flynn had this to say on Saunders Lewis:
He is the only genius I have ever known.
He arrived with the reputation of a legend.  Teachers in my grammar school sent us to hear a lecture by Saunders Lewis.  We were told that a fresh quotation from him would guarantee additional marks from our external examiners.
No wonder Flynn hates the Jews, he praises as a genius a man who praised Adolf Hitler when he said "At once he fulfilled his promise — a promise which was greatly mocked by the London papers months before that — to completely abolish the financial strength of the Jews in the economic life of Germany."

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Saunders-Lewis was indeed anti-semitic and apparently judging from his own words he was misogynistic and held non-white people in contempt too. Take this contemporary description, for instance, that he wrote of bombed-out east-end Londoners who sought refuge in Wales after their homes had been destroyed in the Blitz:

"Whitechapel’s lard bellied women, Golders Green Ethiopians"

Saunders-Lewis made this comment when the holocaust was well under way so this indicates that he must have been some hard core Nazi.

Some years earlier - during the depression years of the 1930s - there is evidence that he clearly blamed Jewish people for it when he wrote about "Hebrew Snouts in the trough" on Wall Street.

Clearly this Saunders-Lewis guy was pretty much what any rational person nowadays would describe as a deranged white-supremacist anti-semitic conspiracy theorist with some very sexist and archaic views about women to boot. However, mention this to Paul Flynn and he seems to be either in total denial or deliberately tries to conceal the truth. In my personal experience, if cornered with these Saunders-Lewis quotes on his website he'll either delete them or mumble some 'excuse' about many public figures expressing anti-semitic and racist views reeling off Lloyd-George or Churchill as notable examples etc. However, Saunders-Lewis's persistent and seemingly obsessive expressions of hatred seem to indicate something rather more than the supposedly 'typical' casual bigotry of the period.