Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Paul Flynn MP grandstanding on dead soldiers

So Paul Flynn has been thrown out of the House of Commons for calling a minister a liar. Thus giving Mr Flynn the chance to huff and puff his aged heart out to the media about the evil Tories leading soldiers to their deaths in Afghanistan etc etc etc.

Flynn is a career politician and knows how to call a minister a liar without directly coming out and using what is termed unparlimentary language.

He will talk long and often about how he has the best interests of the troops in his heart and all that bullshit. Yes, bullshit as Flynn is using soldiers as a political tool and in his way is as bad as the minister he called a liar.

Lets wind the clock back a few years back to when Gurkha's wanted the right to settle in the UK and former PM Gordon "Bigot" Broon was was claiming it was going to cost billions and finally it got down to a vote. Now which way did champagne Flynn vote?

To support the Gurkha troops in allowing them to settle in their old age in the UK, not a chance. After all they are just tools to be used as far as Flynn is concerned.

Instead Flynn was elsewhere and never even bothered to vote.

Yes thats right, Mr Flynn who gets himself thrown out of work for a while(although I am sure he will still be claiming is £100K+ expenses each year and salary) could not be bothered to do his job an turn up and vote.

 Newport deserves better than Paul Flynn MP.

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