Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Paul Flynn and his sexist comments.

Make of this what you will - from his webshite

Today was the PMQs of the shriek.
Female MPs have problems because of the range and timbre of their voices. Maggie Thatcher changed hers from annoying whine to sultry purr. Today the unknown Tory MP Anne Marie Morris startled the Commons with her non-house-trained banshee. She had her left arm in a sling.

She began with a high-pitch orgasmic shriek, turned red and increased the volume. Incomprehensible, painful and as useful as a fire alarm at emptying a room, her voice terrified the Chamber. She waved her damaged arm in a threatening gesture before reaching the climatic final sounds that only dogs could hear.
A heckle from the Labour side bellowed; ‘Next time, get the whips to break her other arm’

So a female Mp is a bansee, a non house trained one at that. I bet the 'bruvers' would be up in arms about sexist Tory toffs if someone not of the champagne socialist party came up with that crap.

Newport deserves better than Paul Flynn MP.

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