Sunday, 22 July 2012

Paul Flynn claims it all off of you

I have mentioned before the duplicity of the expenses fiddling house flipper Paul Flynn who cries crocodile tears about poor OAP's and bleats on about nasty baby eating Tories all the while keeping his aged snout in the expense trough.
There you go folks, claims for this, claims for that and guess who is paying? Not him thats for sure.

This glorified benefits claimant believes it is his devine right to have it all and for it all to be paid for by you.

Next up we have a claim for food.
Now think about that for a second as a do nothing part time MP he gets £64K a year, one would think that is more than enough to cover the champagne and caviar.

Not Flynn he gets you to pay for his fine eating and drinking.
Not content with robbing you with claims for beds and furniture Flynn then gets you to pay for his insurance.

Newport deserves better than this.

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